DESIGNER: Eloi Pujadas
ARTIST: Amelia Sales

PLAYING TIME: 30-45 mins
AGES: 8+

The year is 2073, and the effects of global warming have become critical. The poles are melting, and the sea level is raising. There’s only one solution: Look to the stars. With a new triangle-based building technology, orbital stations are a reality now…

In Orbital, you design and build your own orbital station and make it as self-sustaining as possible. Your population will need houses, which will in turn need energy. Farms, gardens, facilities — there’s a lot of elements to take into account. Get the buildings you need, and design the best station to be the winner!

The game tiles are composed by 1 to 5 buildings in the shape of triangles. Players should try to buy the pieces that fit best from the ones available on the central board and try to arrange them on their station in the most profitable way possible. Depending on their size and the position on the board, pieces are more or less expensive to acquire. Also, players pay by leaving their money on the pieces they reject to try to get to the one they want. Take a piece everyone rejected, and you will get a lot of useful money!


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