DESIGNERS: Eloi Pujadas & Ferran Renalias
ARTIST: Meeple Foundry
PUBLISHER: Salt & Pepper Games

PLAYING TIME: 20-30 mins
AGES: 8+

It’s première day, where the best musicals of the city compete to fill theaters for weeks on end. To make your première is the most successful, you will need to attract and sit the audience onto the best possible locations. This will not be an easy job. The word got round and the most important celebrities, authorities and press do not want to miss this glamorous event. Will you be able to find the best seats? Now if you’ll excuse me, the “Show must go on!”


Take a Seat introduces an innovative mechanic named Share & Write where the randomness is created by player interaction (instead of a dice or a card). In each turn players will get a reservation panel and they will have to decide whether to use the usher’s ability or get direct points. Then they will need to mark a reservation in the board of their right or left (depending the turn) by scratching on any of the 4 tickets of the reservation panel. Finally they will have to assign seats on the theater by marking the outline and the circles that correspond to the selected pieces in the previous step.

The game last 14 turns. Once ended you proceed to the final score. There are 3 areas to score: objective cards, reservation majorities and usher bonus. Players add up all points to get the total scoring. The player with the highest score wins the game


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