DESIGNER: Eloi Pujadas
ARTIST: Amelia Sales
PUBLISHER: GDM Games, Intrafin Games

PLAYING TIME: 20-40 mins
AGES: 8+

In the Golden River area of the Wild West, tensions are on the rise during the Gold Rush. Leading local figures are seeing their interests threatened. They need protection! Meanwhile, members of the seven most wanted bands meet up in the saloon to stake their claims.

In Wanted 7 play cards to recruit the best gunfighters over four rounds of beer or whisky. Bid for free gunfighters or outbid your opponents. Buy a round of beer or whisky, aim your gun or play card tricks to wrest gunfighters from your opponents! In each round, you’ll score protection and collect gunfighters to keep you safe for the final showdown at the end of the game.


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